My Uncle Frank: Uncovering the Latest Masterpiece from the Creator of Six Feet Under – Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

My Uncle Frank is the latest masterpiece from the creator of the award-winning HBO show Six Feet Under. Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, this emotional, powerful movie follows Frank Goode, an aging father who goes on a life-altering road trip to reunite with his estranged children. As he visits each of them, Frank discovers that his children have been keeping secrets from him for years. With a cast of accomplished actors, including Oscar-winner Paul Giamatti, this film is sure to make you laugh, cry, and ponder the complexities of family. Take the journey with Frank and discover a hidden gem that will make you appreciate the beauty in the everyday.

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Award-winning and Emmy-winning producer Alan Ball has given the world some of the most acclaimed television shows of all time. From his early cult classic Six Feet Under to the critically-acclaimed hit series, , Alan Ball has solidified himself as a master of storytelling and character development. The latest chapter in his creative vision is his new series, Uncle Frank.

Exploring the Latest Creative Vision from the Creator of Six Feet Under

Uncle Frank follows the story of Frank Bledsoe and his equally dysfunctional family. Bledsoe is an eccentric professor at NYU who is hiding an important secret from his family. His secret forces him to grapple with the intricacies of family dynamics and his own identity. Uncle Frank tackles themes of identity, family and love, as in all of Ball’s previous works. While Ball rarely strays from dark and provocative stories, Uncle Frank is his most personal project, and one that will surely leave viewers both thinking and moved.

Digging into the Latest Release from Uncle Frank

Starring Emmy-nominee Paul Bettany as Uncle Frank, Sophia Lillis as his niece Beth, and as the Bledsoe matriarch, Uncle Frank has already had its premiere at the and was generally very well received. Stephen King even praised it, calling it beautifully written and acted, emotionally honest, and very funny.

Uncovering the Critically Acclaimed Amazon Prime Video Series

The film is now available on Amazon Prime Video, where viewers can easily access and stream the series. Alan Ball’s fans and newcomers alike are sure to be delighted by the series, as Ball does not disappoint with this new show. Uncle Frank is sure to become one of the best films on Amazon Prime Video, and it is sure to delight viewers around the world.

Behind the Scenes Look at the Art of Six Feet Under Creator

Uncle Frank is a heartfelt and truthful story, filled with laugh-out-loud moments and heart-wrenching pathways. It’s sure to make viewers feel a deep connection to the characters, as well as to Alan Ball’s signature style of storytelling. It’s an incredible look at the artistry of one of television’s most beloved creators.

Streaming Now: Uncle Frank and his Latest Masterpiece

Uncle Frank is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Whether you’re a long time fan of Alan Ball or a newcomer to his work, now is the perfect time to check out this heartfelt masterpiece. Viewers can explore the complexities of identity, family, and love, all through the lens of one of television’s most beloved creators.

Uncle Frank is sure to be an instant classic, just like its creator’s previous works. It’s an exploration of family dynamics and identity, with an added dose of humor. It’s the perfect blend of everything that Alan Ball does best and it’s now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.


Alan Ball’s latest release, Uncle Frank, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. This heartfelt and emotionally honest series dives deep into the complexities of identity and family, all wrapped up in Ball’s signature style of storytelling. It’s sure to be an instant classic and delight viewers around the world. Now is the perfect time to check out Uncle Frank and explore the newest masterpiece from the creator of Six Feet Under.


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