Experience the Innovative Accents of Japan’s Streaming Sensation, ‘Exception’, Now on Netflix!

Experience the musical phenomenon that is sweeping Japan - the innovative and captivating streaming sensation 'Exception' - now available on Netflix! This thrilling original series is full of life, energy and captivating performances showcasing intricate vocal acrobatics, captivating choreography, and an eclectic mix of genres and styles. Created by award-winning producer and director Yuichi Ishii and featuring an elite cast of bright talents, 'Exception' follows six students pursuing music majors with a dream of becoming professional artists. With catchy hooks, emotionally charged lyrics and artful visuals, 'Exception' is more than just a show, it's an experience! So, immerse yourself in the unique, sophisticated and often experimental culture of Japanese music and be sure to watch 'Exception' on Netflix. It's the perfect way to be part of the streaming sensation that is taking Japan by storm.

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As streaming platforms expand their content, fans can now access shows from around the world. For those looking to experience modern Japanese culture, 's ‘Exception' offers a unique experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression. The show follows a former salaryman as he embarks on a of self-exploration and musical discovery.

Explore the Melodic Diversity of Japan's ‘Exception'

Exception is a musical drama that follows the story of an ambitious software engineer, Daigo Oki, as he transitions from a corporate role to a life of music. The show focuses on the range of emotions, struggles and connections he experiences as he navigates Japan's diverse musical landscape. Fans of the show will be treated to a rich display of traditional, modern and experimental genres, with a soundtrack that spans jazz, EDM, hip-hop, and punk.

Discover the Innovative Sounds of Japan's Streaming Sensation

The show's soundtrack is rich in instruments and technology. Traditional instruments such as the , koto and biwa are combined with electric and electronic effects to bring the music to life. Exception also features cutting-edge equipment and software, such as Roland's Aira and Boutique sound modules and the Korg Volca series of synthesizers. This blend of traditional and modern elements creates an innovative and refreshing sound.

Uncover the Unique Accents of Japan's Hit Show

Japan's music scene is as diverse as its culture, and Exception's soundtrack is a reflection of that. Fans of the show can discover a variety of regional accents and dialects, including Okinawan, Fukuoka and Kansai. Each region has its own distinctive style, and Exception showcases the richness of Japan's cultural heritage.

Immerse Yourself in the Musical Landscape of ‘Exception'

Exception offers its audience an intimate look into the musical lives of its characters. From the underground clubs of Tokyo to the vibrant streets of Osaka, the show invites viewers to explore the musical cultures of Japan's major cities. The show's sound design and editing is top-notch, creating a unique soundscape that is both captivating and immersive.

Netflix Brings Japanese Original ‘Exception' to Your Home

Exception is now streaming on Netflix and is available in both English and Japanese. The show is sure to appeal to fans of Japanese culture and music, as well as those looking for a unique experience. So sit back, hit play and get ready to experience Exception and all its innovative accents!

Exception is an incredible show that allows viewers to explore Japan's diverse musical landscape. From the traditional to the cutting-edge, the show invites audiences to immerse themselves in the country's unique culture and experience the innovative accents of Japan's streaming sensation. For those looking for a unique music experience, look no further than Netflix's ‘Exception'.


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