Introducing Zero: The Italian Superhero Who Just Landed on Netflix

Introducing Zero, the Italian superhero who just landed on Netflix! He's a mysterious figure, with a shrouded past and superhuman abilities that are the stuff of legend. His story is just beginning to unfold, and it's sure to take viewers on an incredible journey. This powerful character is driven by justice and a keen sense of righteousness, and with his unique blend of strength and humility, he's sure to make a lasting impression. Zero is a hero with a modern twist, and his thrilling adventure is ready to be experienced by viewers around the world. So don't miss out on this incredible new show – it's sure to be epic!

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The world of superheroes just got a little bigger. is introducing an Italian superhero named Zero. He doesn’t don a flashy costume or have any flashy gadgets, but he might just be the most powerful superhero yet.

Meet the Incredible Italian Superhero Set to Take Netflix by Storm

Zero is the latest addition to Netflix’s lineup of original programming. The story follows the extraordinary adventures of an ordinary Italian man. His name is Massimo Martelli, and he’s a mild-mannered janitor. But when a mysterious force grants him superhuman powers, he becomes Zero – Italy’s first superhero.

Zero: From Comic Book Pages to the Small Screen

Zero is based on a character created by the Italian comic book artist Roberto Recchioni. Recchioni is renowned for his work on the critically-acclaimed comic series . He created Zero for a series of comic books, which were published in Italy in 2016.

Exploring the Mythology of Italy’s Super-Powered Defender

Zero is set in the fictional Italian city of San Martello. This city is a hub of ancient legends and mysticism. It’s also the perfect setting for a superhero story – especially one featuring the . Massimo is granted a suite of superhuman abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, and agility. He also has the power to manipulate time and space – and even time travel.

How Zero’s Story Transcends Borders with Universal Appeal

Zero may be an Italian superhero, but his story has universal appeal. He’s a hero for anyone who’s ever felt like an underdog. He’s a hero for anyone who’s ever wanted to fight for the greater good – and put their own dreams on the backburner. Ultimately, Zero’s story is one of hope and courage – something we can all relate to.

Get to Know the Superhuman Behind the Mask of Zero

It takes a special kind of actor to play a superhero – even one as human as Zero. Italian actor Alessandro Borghi does an incredible job of bringing Zero to life. He brings both a vulnerability and a strength to his performance, making Zero a truly three-dimensional character.

Zero is an incredible addition to Netflix’s lineup of original programming. He’s a superhero with a unique backstory and a universal message. He’s a hero for anyone who’s ever felt like an underdog. He’s a hero for anyone who’s ever wanted to make the world a better place. In a world full of flashy spandex-clad superheroes, Zero stands out as a refreshingly human hero.


Zero is a unique and inspiring superhero. He stands out from the crowd with his backstory, his motivations, and his humanity. As an Italian superhero, he also provides a glimpse into a culture and mythology that may be unfamiliar to some viewers. Netflix’s new series is an exciting opportunity to explore Italy and its culture, as well as to discover a brand new superhero.


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